How to Redeem Point

Redemption of point on Chenta Qaseh website is easy. Before continue, below are table for point reference.

Reward Point for every purchase worth RM1.00 you earn 1 point
Redeem Point for every 100 point you collect you can redeem up to RM1.00

Please note there is no minimum point to redeem. Which mean if you have 1 point only, you can redeem it worth RM0.01. To redeem, please do follow below steps:

Step 1

Browse product on our website. Click on What’s New for latest collection, or click on Collections to browse by category.

Step 2

Choose your preferred product, and Add to Cart.

Step 3

On cart page, click on Apply Discount button to insert any point to redeem. Please note that this button may not appear if you have 0 point. To check your current point, please go to Account Dashboard.

Your current point collected on Account Dashboard page.

Step 4

Complete your purchase. You can see details of amount points redemption as well total you need to pay.