How to Order

Ordering online on Chenta Qaseh website is just easy. Please do follow below steps:

Step 1

Chenta Qaseh required all customers to sign up for an account before making a purchase. Register for a free account here.

Step 2

Browse product on our website. Click on What’s New for latest collection, or click on Collections to browse by category.



Step 3

Choose a product you wish to buy, quantity to order and click button Add to Cart.


Step 4

You will be redirect to a cart page. Click Proceed to Checkout to make a payment. If you have point to redeem, simply follow this tutorial – How to Redeem Point.

Step 5

Fill up all the required forms. You will be given an options for payment method. Currently we accept 4 types of payment,  Billplz (all Malaysia online banks through FPX), Manual Bank Transfer, Paypal and Western Union (Cheque or Money Order).


Click on button Place Order to finish the order.

Step 6

You will be emailed an online invoice by Chenta Qaseh.